Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your availability?

Since I have a busy schedule, I appreciate at least a day advance notice. Same-day appointments may sometimes be possible subject to my availability with at least 4 hours advance notice. Clients who book for the first time and would like to use references to be screened, need to contact me at least a day in advance.

Can I call you?

If we never met before, please use email to contact me! After we finish screening and schedule our first date, I will provide you with a phone number you can text. I have only a text plan so you won't be able to call. My existing friends can either email me or text me. Please never use my phone number to send files or pics or use inappropriate language! 

Do you have an incall?

Yes, I would be happy to host at my place. My incall is discreet and secluded, the perfect place to relax with some additional perks like my wine collection and sexy lingerie closet. If you prefer to meet at your hotel or private residence, I can travel to you. There may be an additional outcall fee to cover my cab fare if your place is more than 5 miles away. After you share your location, I will inform you if there will be any outcall fee.

Is my screening information kept private?

Absolutely yes. I don't have any assistant or booker, I'm the only person who will see your screening information. If you would like to be screened via employment, I will provide you with a separate anonymous email address you can contact that is unrelated to my companion persona. After screening, I will permanently delete all emails with your name and employment and will only keep your hobby email address, so that I can recognize you when you contact me for future dates or need a reference for another provider.

Do you offer half-hour appointments?

No, I don't offer half-hour appointments. I enjoy socializing and getting to know my friends, so I find longer dates more appropriate.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, my rates are not negotiable.

Are you available for extended appointments?

Yes, if you are interested in spending a few days together, or maybe take a trip, please contact me and I'll send you an estimate.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Currently I accept cash, PayPal and bitcoins. I will start accepting credit cards in the near future.

Do you see couples?

I love seeing couples. In fact, my dates with couples are some of the most memorable experiences I've had in this hobby.

Can you bring a girlfriend to our date?

Absolutely! I would love to bring a girlfriend to our date. You can choose some of my gorgeous friends or suggest someone else of your choice. I'm always open to meet someone new. 


Can I make an outfit request?

Yes, outfit requests excite me to no end :) I love dressing up and I would be happy to choose something from my pretty impressive closet. Just tell me what you like! 

Can you send me a selfie? Can I have a picture of your face?

No, I blur my face in my photos to protect my identity, but I can assure you my face is one of my most attractive features. You can find plenty of selfies that I post regularly on twitter.

Do you drink or smoke? 

I don't smoke but I drink socially. I like dry wine, champagne, and occasionally I indulge in a cocktail. 

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I don't have any tattoos or piercings except on my earlobes (I love earrings). 

Do you have any reviews?

No, I don't accept reviews for safety reasons in order to protect my clients' and my own privacy. The fact that most of my clients return at least once is reassuring that our dates were fabulous :)

Can I bring something to our date?

There is no need to bring anything. If you really insist, I would enjoy fresh flowers or your favorite wine, but most importantly a smile on your face :)