Dear Gentleman


My name is Elenka Bloom and I am delighted you found me.  Recently relocated to Washington, DC, I look forward to some new friendships and intimate connections. As a romantic at heart, I mostly enjoy the company of mature gentlemen with old school manners.


I’m a tiny little creature at 5’2 and just under 100 pounds with flawless hourglass figure, the tiniest waist you’ve ever seen and the softest skin you’ve ever touched.  Raven dark hair cascading around my shoulders and seductive cat-shaped hazel eyes complement my face. My charming beauty, exotic looks and adorable accent will captivate you. 


I enjoy staying in shape and looking after my body with long workouts and a healthy diet. You can frequently find me flirting with my personal trainer at the local gym, turning heads during my morning runs along the Potomac river or stretching out like a petite ballerina in the barre studio. 


Even though I look just lovely naked, I have a keen eye for fashion and like to dress stylishly. My style is chic and conservative in public, playful and seductive behind closed doors, yet always feminine. As a lover of fine lingerie I have quite a collection and you can be sure I’ll surprise you with something very luxurious underneath my cocktail dress. 


Originally from Europe, I spent the last few years in the US pursuing an advanced college degree. Having majored in Economics and Finance,  I enjoy conversations on current political and business affairs. As a polyglot and world traveler, I love to connect to people from different ethnic backgrounds and love to share stories of my travel adventures. Indeed, I am the perfect worldly date for a truly stimulating evening of captivating conversation and uninhibited passion. 


Since I’m new to companionship in the DC Area, I welcome all dates that involve exploring the city scene. Show me your favorite restaurants, galleries, cinemas and wine bars! And if you are short of time, we can spend an hour or two in a more intimate setting. I have a lovely place for incalls in Georgetown and I'm known for my great hosting skills. Above all, I love to entertain and be entertained. A glass of wine, bubble bath, romantic massage or maybe some sexy lingerie with heels is always, I feel, an excellent start to a wonderful date. What about you? Curious as a cat, I’m aching to know all your dirty little secrets. What makes you purr? Or you can always show me instead.




Affectionately yours,